We believe that everyone has a voice. We help you to explore that voice and create a message that others can receive. We help you to write in a way that others will want to hear and we help you to be by creating a finished product that you can be proud of. 


We have created supply chain relationships that benefit you like most traditional publishing houses. Your book will get the attention it deserves as a new author. You can be assured that you book will be available on demand and through 100s of channels on worldwide web network.


We assist you creating a marketing strategy before any book is printed so that your book will be attractive to your desired reading audience.

Layout & Design

The first impression is very important and the way your product is designed speaks volume as to who you are as a writer. We always want you to present your best. Especially for new authors, you have to build a relationship with your new potential audience and your cover and layout are the first step at doing that.


Now that the reader is decided to read your book, you don't want to lose them because of poor lauguage, writing or punctuation skills. We partner with professional editors who know how important their work is.